Dynamite Manufacturing is known for its quality product manufacturing and service. It is a celebrated name in the Oil & Gas Service Industry around the world. Dynamite also encompasses a product distribution business.

The age of digital and technological epoch that we live in today, requires businesses to be responsive to their customers almost instantaneously. They also expect knowledgeable and detail -oriented service which is a vital component for businesses to flourish.

Dynamite Manufacturing
IT Assessment, Infrastructure turnaround, Business Continuity Plan


John Ginsberg joined Dynamite Manufacturing as a CFO about a year ago. He was also the head of the IT department due to his prior experience in leading IT into CSOX compliance in his career. Mr. Giesberg soon came to a realization that there is a major disconnect between IT & Business at Dynamite manufacturing, that needed to be addressed on a priority basis as it affected the day-to-day business and restricted a strategic IT plan. Though the IT department was able to keep the operations running, there was hardly any strategic alignment with the business.

This led Mr. Giesberg to realize that there is no proper documentation of IT infrastructure in the company. Processes and procedures were either not documented or not updated at all. The disconnect between IT & business made the former department looked upon as a mere operation rather than a strategic business plan.


The challenge for Mr. Ginsberg was to bridge the gap between IT & Business departments and to initiate an IT assessment project with a consulting firm to have a third person perspective of where Dynamite Manufacturing stands from the IT viewpoint. He believed taking an informed decision based on the analytics of assessment and decided to create a 3-year strategic plan to address the current challenges and also to look out for the future of the company.

This is where we come in play. Mr. Giesberg engaged Reliable Inc., explaining Dynamite’s current situation and sought for our expertise. We suggested conducting an IT Assessment as an initial step to process the data and determine its current status in the discovery phase. Based on the processed data, Reliable Inc. presented the fact report to the management.
The analytics presentation was an eye-opener for the management. It made them realize that the complete infrastructure process and procedure were out of sync with the business. The action was required based on the list of recommendation provided by Reliable Inc.


Reliable Inc. successfully designed and implemented a number of projects like Infrastructure Turnaround, Cyber Security Threat Analysis and Business Continuity Plan to name a few.
Reliable Inc. handed over the project documentation after flourishingly completing the projects and meeting the set KPI’s. The key to the project deliverables was project documentation, a vital factor for the company’s goals and objectives.

Overall, the company addressed its biggest challenge of aligning IT with its business, upgrading and updating the infrastructure, processes and procedures with the help of our services, thereby, saving millions of operational dollars annually.