As a national leader in the Oil & Gas industry, OilSands Corporation’s reputation thrives on their ability to innovate and adapt to market demands and control costs during the volatile commodity market. To that end, the upstream operations were seeking relevant, in-depth and effective professional data management services that can help them extract the maximum $$$ value from their data assets.

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As OilSands Corporation was planning for streamlining their E&P data management, the existing systems were not capable of handling to maintain and add new data across the upstream business segments. 

Due to the lack of data management infrastructure (IT + applications), the data was getting vulnerable to degrade in quality as well as loss due to lack of management. New technology, processes, and governance were required to maintain the standard and integrity of the data.  As OilSands Corporation was expanding to operational offices across North America, robust information technology planning was required. 

They hired expertise of Reliable Inc. to access IT and data infrastructure requirements.


OilSands Corporation wanted to set the pace, not just keep up with it. So, they realized that a stable working solution is required not only in terms of data management hardware and software but also process that can help derive value from their data by using data analytics technologies. 

Reliable Inc. managed to convince management that data management to analytics infrastructure setup is not just limited to setting hardware and software. The setup is the minimum requirement and establishing services for data management will go a long way to help extract the maximum value from the data assets.

Reliable Inc. conceptualized, designed and implemented data management solution where enough storage, speed, and security are the prime focus. To secure Data of OilSands Corporation, Reliable Inc. accessed data infrastructure, from end-to-end, cleaned and synchronized data across data sources/sink, establish contextual relationships for verification, and ensured that validated data ready for interpretation projects.

Once data is clean and mastered, Reliable Inc. ensured OilSands Corporation derive the maximum potential from their data assets by applying analytics / predictive analytics. Reliable Inc. helped to explore the potential application of the data analytics with an eye towards speeding time to first oil, reducing costs, eliminating data quality uncertainty, and enhancing production.


This data management project was very successful for OilSands Corporation as data infrastructure was established along with data management processess. Data security was taken care with onsite, offsite and cloud backups. 

This data management project changed the landscape of information technology and computing for OilSands Corporation as they were able to start new subsurface projects with clean and high-quality validated data, saving at least $1.5 million/year in user productivity and helping to make quick data-driven decisions.