Solar Pipeline Inc. is a pipeline equipment rental and sales company with principal operations in Western Canada and the United States.  The Company, through its operating divisions, supplies (rentals and sales) backfill separation machines and applications to mainline pipeline contractors and utility contractors as well as oilfield pipeline and construction contractors. 

Solar Pipeline Inc.
Oil & Gas
IT Consultancy, DR Planning and Infrastructure turnaround


As Solar Pipeline Inc. was planning for a huge expansion, their Information technology department was not capable of handling to maintain and add new technologies and services across the group. 

As their physical servers were getting aged and vulnerable to virus and cyber-attacks, new technology was required to maintain the standard of computing. As Solar Pipeline Inc. was having remote offices across North America, Robust information technology planning was required. 

They hired experts of Reliable Inc. to access IT requirements and solutions so that the new technology of computing can be established.


Solar Pipeline Inc.is a company that wants to set the pace, not just keep up with it. So, they realized that some stable solution is required not only in terms of computing hardware and software but also in terms of cyber-security. 

Reliable Inc. managed to convince management that Virtualization with VMware is the stable and robust solution which will go a long way not only in terms of hardware and software but in terms of security. 

Reliable Inc conceptualized, designed and implemented VMware solution where enough storage, speed, and security are the prime focus. To secure Data of Solar Pipeline Inc., Disk, tape and Cloud backup was performed every day. Co-location was identified in other remote offices so that replication was performed, and a Disaster recovery plan was implemented. 


This virtualization project of VMware was very successful for Solar Pipeline Inc. as they replaced the older hardware, software and all other networking devices, which made their network more robust and secure. Data was taken care with onsite, offsite and cloud backups. 

This virtualization project changed the landscape of information technology and computing for Solar Pipeline Inc as they were able to start new projects with office 365 migration to the cloud, saving at least One million Dollar per year in terms of network downtime and user productivity.